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Appropriate Limits for Young Children: A Guide for Discipline

By: Karen DeBord

This publication describes the basic reasons for a child's misbehavior and how you can become an "emotion coach" to help children handle difficult feelings. It also summarizes developmental milestones for preschool years and middle childhood and poses some questions for parents to consider as they help their children learn and grow.

Helping Your Family Prepare Before a Disaster

By: Sarah Kirby, Karen DeBord Disaster Preparedness

Don’t be reluctant to talk with your family about the possibility of a hurricane, fire, tornado, or flood. Thought and action before the disaster hits usually helps family members react wisely. Families that work together to prepare for the problem will cope better than those who do not take precautions.

Self-Esteem in Children

By: Karen DeBord

This publication for parents and caregiver describes strategies for building a child's sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation and initiative.

At Your Door Step: A Family Factsheet on Outdoor Play and Learning

By: Karen DeBord, Lucy Bradley, Liz Driscoll

Right at your doorstep may be many of the answers to the social, educational, and health challenges faced by children, parents, and teachers in the United States. Tips for encouraging outdoor activities with children are included, along with strategies for setting a standard to be outdoors, care for the environment, and spend time with family.

Child Development: Creativity in Young Children

By: Karen DeBord

This publication seeks to broaden understanding about the creative process for parents and others who work with children and youth.

Preschooler Development

By: Karen DeBord Growing Together

This publication describes the physical, emotional and mental changes that preschoolers experience. It provides information that parents can use to support their children through this stage of development.

Infant Development

By: Karen DeBord Growing Together

This publication provides some general guidelines for normal infant social, physical and cognitive development.