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Working Together: A Guide to Collaboration in Rural Revitalization

By: Ann Savage, Sara Brune, Meredith Hovis, S. E. Spencer, Maude Dinan, Erin Seekamp

This publication discusses the components to collaborate successfully in rural revitalization efforts. If focuses on coming together, staying together, and growing together to create a social mechanism stakeholders can use to work toward common goals.

Assessing Historical Significance and Use Potential of Buildings within Historic Districts: An Overview of a Measurement Framework Developed for Climate Adaptation Planning

By: Sandra Fatorić, Erin Seekamp

This publication discusses a pilot study considering 17 historic structures at Cape Lookout National Seashore. The study was performed develop guidance and methods to help inform climate adaptation planning for cultural resources.

Coastal Hazards and Tourism: Exploring Outer Banks Visitors’ Responses to Storm-Related Impacts

By: Erin Seekamp, Matthew Jurjonas, Karly Bitsura-Meszaros

This publication discusses the impacts of coastal hazards on the tourism industry of North Carolina's Outer Banks (OBX) based on a survey of visitors to this popular beach destination.

How Beneficial is Agritourism? North Carolina Farmers and Residents Respond

By: Shuangyu Xu, Carla Barbieri, Samantha Rozier-Rich, Erin Seekamp, Duarte Morais

Agritourism, defined as activities offered on working farms and other agricultural settings for entertainment or educational purposes, has been increasing over the last ten years. Despite its growth, there is uncertainty about the benefits that agritourism brings to society, especially to rural communities. Understanding the benefits of agritourism is essential to further develop this recreational activity and to strengthen marketing efforts to attract more visitors to farms. To document perceptions of the socio-cultural, environmental, and economic benefits of agritourism, an online survey was conducted in 2010 among North Carolina agritourism providers (“farmers”) and a non-random panel of current and potential visitors (“residents”).

Enhancing Rural Tourism Networks Factsheet

By: Jennifer Iyengar, Erin Seekamp

This publication discusses a study conducted to explore how rural tourism networks are organized and utilized by tourism entrepreneurs and support agencies.

North Shore Community Climate Readiness: Understanding Visitor Behaviors and Responses to Climate Change Projections

By: Allie McCreary, Erin Seekamp, Mae A. Davenport, Jordan W. Smith

This publication presents the findings from survey research with visitors to the North Shore tourism region along Lake Superior in Minnesota with the intention to to enhance tourism and recreation providers’ understanding of current visitor behaviors and how visitor behaviors may respond to various scenarios of climate change projected for the North Shore.