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Cotton Seedling Diseases

By: Daisy Ahumada Cotton Disease Information

Seedling diseases are a major disease concern for North Carolina cotton production. Numerous fungi are capable of causing seedling disease, and potential damages are heavily influenced by environmental conditions.

Bacterial Blight of Cotton

By: Daisy Ahumada Cotton Disease Information

This factsheet describes bacterial blight of cotton, including identification and disease management.

Root-Knot Nematode of Cotton

By: Daisy Ahumada, Adrienne Gorny Cotton Disease Information

Cotton root-knot nematodes are capable of causing significant losses to cotton production. In addition to direct damage, root-knot nematodes allow for secondary pathogens to impact yields. This publication describes root-knot nematodes and their management in cotton.

Cotton Foliar Diseases: Areolate Mildew, Target Spot, and Other Leaf Spot Diseases

By: Daisy Ahumada Cotton Disease Information

Areolate mildew, originating in Alabama in 1890, and target spot, first described in Mississippi in 1959, have both become increasingly prevalent across the southeastern United States over the past three decades.