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Soil Sampling Strategies for Site-Specific Field Management

By: Rob Austin, Luke Gatiboni, John Havlin SoilFacts

This factsheet for farmers describes concepts, terminology, and guidelines concerning soil sampling. Proper testing allows farmers to apply the correct amount of lime and fertilizer to fields.

Selecting Nitrogen Rates in North Carolina: Recent Work on Corn and Wheat

By: Rob Austin, Luke Gatiboni

This publication discusses the results of recent nitrogen rate trials in the North Carolina coastal plain that assessed the recommendations of the Realistic Yield Expectation (RYE) database.

North Carolina Realistic Yield Expectations and Nitrogen Fertilizer Decision Making

By: Deanna Osmond, Luke Gatiboni, Steph Kulesza, Rob Austin, David Crouse

This publication discusses the Realistic Yield Expectations database as a resource for nitrogen fertilization rate decisionmaking. Topics include recent research and the resulting updates to the database for improved nitrogen fertilizer rates based on new yield data.