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Tobamoviruses that affect tomato (TMV, ToMV, ToBRFV)

By: Lucy White, Andy Cooper, Inga Meadows Vegetable Pathology Factsheets

This factsheet describes three viruses that affect tomato: tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV), and Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV). It provides information about symptoms and signs, disease cycle, and control.

Tomato Pith Necrosis

By: Katie Carson, Lucy White, Inga Meadows Vegetable Pathology Factsheets

Tomato pith necrosis, first observed on tomato plants in 1978, continues to be a threat to tomato production across the US. The disease most severely impacts crops where high humidity and stress conditions are present, and as a result, it is mostly a concern for greenhouse and high tunnel tomatoes, but it can also impact field-grown tomatoes. There are currently no tomato varieties resistant to pith necrosis, nor any chemical treatments commercially available, so preventing the disease with good management practices is the best way to limit its occurrence.