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Wood Surface Inactivation and Adhesive Bonding

By: Craig Forbes Wood Products Notes

From the instant an adhesive is applied to wood until the adhesive cures, several important steps must take place in order for a good glue bond to occur. If any of the actions do not occur, the glue bond will be faulty. Such is the case when gluing wood which is surface inactivated. The definition, causes, and prevention of surface inactivation in wood will be discussed in this factsheet.

Consumer Perceptions of Character Marks on Cabinet Doors

By: Larry Jahn, Matt Bumgardner, Craig Forbes, Cynthia West

What do consumers think of character-marked cabinet doors? If consumers do not object to character marks—naturally occurring features, such as knots, mineral streak, and grain variation—then manufacturers have the potential to increase the value of lower grade veneers.