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Lice: What They Are and How to Control Them

By: Wes Watson, JM Luginbuhl Animal Science Facts

Information on the different types of lice, diagnosis and treatment is presented in this factsheet. Lice are a common group of ectoparasitic insects of goats; infested animals are uncomfortable and often cause structural damage to farm facilities by rubbing and scratching on fences and posts.

Longhorned Tick

By: Wes Watson, Matt Bertone, Michael Waldvogel, Alexis M. Barbarin

The longhorned tick (previously called the 'Asian longhorned tick') is an invasive tick spreading throughout the eastern US. A native of the far east, this tick was introduced to the US mainland in 2010. It has been reported from 17 states including North Carolina. Here we present basic information on the biology of the tick, its distribution, damage caused by the tick and how to protect against the tick.

Fire Ants in Pastures

By: Terri Billeisen, Rick Brandenburg, Michael Waldvogel, Wes Watson TurfFiles

This publication discusses the biology, damage, and control of fire ants in pastures.