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Using Fire to Improve Wildlife Habitat

By: Jennifer Fawcett, Christopher Moorman, Terry Sharpe

This publication discusses the benefits that land managers derive by managing wildlife habitat through controlled burning. The importance of fire to wildlife, when to burn, how to burn, and wildlife considerations are covered.

Fire-Resistant Landscaping in North Carolina

By: Laurel Kays, Jennifer Fawcett, Justin Query, Hannah Thompson-Welch, Robert Bardon

If you live in a home or community that may be vulnerable to wildfires, this publication will teach you how to create and maintain a fire-resistant landscape and reduce your risk of damage from a wildfire while achieving other landscape objectives.

Wildland Fire Programming for Extension and Outreach Professionals

By: Laurel Kays, Jennifer Fawcett

This publication serves as a resource for Extension and other outreach professionals who plan wildland fire programs in their communities. It provides practical information and considerations for program formats and resources for program planning.