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“Se hacen puentes al andar”: A Resource for Parents & Caregivers of Latino LGBTQ+ Youth

By: Maru Gonzalez, Tania Connaughton-Espino, Bianka M. Reese

“Se hacen puentes al andar” is about highlighting the power of family belonging and the risks associated with family rejection; lack of positive LGBTQ+ representation; and rigid adherence to traditional gender roles. Each story featured is drawn from a study about Latino LGBTQ+ youth belonging within a familial context and includes corresponding research-based and participant-informed recommendations for you—the parent, caregiver, or loved one of an LGBTQ+ youth.

“Se hacen puentes al andar”: Un Recurso para los Padres y Tutores de Jóvenes LGBTQ+

By: Maru Gonzalez, Tania Connaughton-Espino, Bianka M. Reese

“Se hacen puentes al andar” es sobre resaltar la importancia de sentirse parte de la familia y los riesgos asociados con el rechazo familiar, la falta de representación positiva de personas LGBTQ+, y el cumplimiento a los rígidos roles tradicionales de género. Cada historia que contamos proviene de un estudio de jóvenes latinos LGBTQ+ dentro de un contexto familiar e incluye recomendaciones correspondientes para usted—el padre, el tutor o el ser querido de un joven LGBTQ+—basadas en evidencia y en las experiencias de los participantes.

Toilet Learning

By: Maru Gonzalez

This publication describes how to recognize a child's readiness for toilet learning and how parents can help their child learn to use the toilet.

Tips on Dealing With Stress

By: Maru Gonzalez Take Control for Your Future

This publication offers tips on dealing with stress.