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17. Organic Gardening

By: Aimee Colf, Lucy Bradley, Frank Louws, David Orr

This organic gardening chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook provides systematic approach to fertilization, soil, and pest management that views a garden as a working ecosystem.

Biological Control of Pests: Questions and Answers for the Home Gardener

By: David Orr, Stephen Bambara Biological Control

This publication provides straightforward answers to questions commonly posed by home gardeners about beneficial insects.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Inside Houses

By: Michael Waldvogel, Stephen Bambara, James Baker, David Orr Household Pests

This Entomology Insect Note discusses how to control multicolored Asian lady beetles in households.

Using Planted Habitat on Farms To Increase Insect Biological Control

By: David Orr, Michael Linker, Lisa Forehand CEFS Field Notes for Farmers

This special topic has three components: Part 1. Using Beneficial Insect Habitat on the Farm: An Introduction; Part 2. Evaluating the Quality of Commercial Beneficial Insect Habitat; Part 3. Beneficial Insects Attracted to Planted Habitat: Do They Contribute to Pest Insect Control?

The Ground Beetles of Eastern North Carolina Agriculture

By: David Orr, Geoff Balme, Aaron Fox Ground Beetles of North Carolina

Ground beetles are a common, but often overlooked, beneficial insect in agricultural areas. This publication provides a quick guide to the various ground beeetles that inhabit agricultural fields of the piedmont and eastern North Carolina.

Identifying the Ground Beetles of Eastern North Carolina Agriculture

By: David Orr, Geoff Balme Ground Beetles of North Carolina

This publication provides an illustrated key to the major groups of ground beetles found in eastern North Carolina agricultural fields.