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17. Organic Gardening

By: Aimee Colf, Lucy Bradley, Frank Louws, David Orr

This organic gardening chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook provides systematic approach to fertilization, soil, and pest management that views a garden as a working ecosystem.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Inside Houses

By: Michael Waldvogel, Stephen Bambara, James Baker, David Orr Household Pests

This Entomology Insect Note discusses how to control multicolored Asian lady beetles in households.

Biological Control of Pests: Questions and Answers for the Home Gardener

By: David Orr, Stephen Bambara Biological Control

This publication provides straightforward answers to questions commonly posed by home gardeners about beneficial insects.

The Ground Beetles of Eastern North Carolina Agriculture

By: David Orr, Geoff Balme, Aaron Fox Ground Beetles of North Carolina

Ground beetles are a common, but often overlooked, beneficial insect in agricultural areas. This publication provides a quick guide to the various ground beeetles that inhabit agricultural fields of the piedmont and eastern North Carolina.

Using Planted Habitat on Farms To Increase Insect Biological Control

By: David Orr, Michael Linker, Lisa Forehand CEFS Field Notes for Farmers

This special topic has three components: Part 1. Using Beneficial Insect Habitat on the Farm: An Introduction; Part 2. Evaluating the Quality of Commercial Beneficial Insect Habitat; Part 3. Beneficial Insects Attracted to Planted Habitat: Do They Contribute to Pest Insect Control?

Identifying the Ground Beetles of Eastern North Carolina Agriculture

By: David Orr, Geoff Balme Ground Beetles of North Carolina

This publication provides an illustrated key to the major groups of ground beetles found in eastern North Carolina agricultural fields.