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Guide to Understanding and Addressing PFAS in our Communities

By: Khara Grieger, Katlyn May

This FactSheet provides a guide to understanding and addressing PFAS in our communities, which may be helpful for Extension agents, community members, and others who are interested in learning more about PFAS and their potential impacts.

Let’s Talk About Risk: A Guide to Identifying, Assessing, Managing, and Communicating Risk

By: Khara Grieger, Madison Horgan, Christopher Cummings

This publication outlines and describes core concepts of risk that are used in various environmental, health, and societal circumstances. It covers the following topics: defining risks, identifying and assessing risks, managing risks, and communicating risks.

Let’s Work Together in Addressing Environmental and Societal Issues: Guide to Engaging Stakeholders and Communities

By: Khara Grieger, Madison Horgan, Ashton Merck

This publication is a guide for researchers, scholars, extension agents, government officials, and others interested in engaging stakeholders and community members to identify and address potential environmental and societal issues.