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Registering a Pet Food Business in North Carolina

By: Marissa Cohen Starting a Pet Food Business in North Carolina

Starting a pet food business is much more involved than making food or treats and selling them for a profit. There are regulatory requirements that must be met to sell or otherwise distribute animal food products in North Carolina. To help simplify this process, a series of factsheets has been developed to provide clarification of the requirements.

Mitigating Zinc and Copper Toxicity in North Carolina Soils

By: Steph Kulesza, Nathan Khot, Luke Gatiboni, Marissa Cohen

This publication discusses how excess zinc and copper from animal manure can lead to soil toxicity and harm crops in North Carolina. It covers where zinc and copper come from, potential harmful effects, and ways to prevent toxicity. Management strategies include soil testing, accurate manure application, record-keeping, and adjusting animal feed. Mitigation methods like soil turnover and pH modification are also discussed.