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How to Sell Shell Eggs Into Grocery Stores Through Direct Store Delivery

By: Krista Morgan, Joanna Lelekacs Local Foods

This publication provides basic information for small or medium-scale North Carolina egg producers to start marketing their products to retail stores.

Buying Local: A Guide for Retail and Wholesale Buyers

By: Dara Bloom, Joanna Lelekacs, Brandi Leach, Gary Bullen, Annaliese Gregory Local Foods

This publication provides guidance to retail and wholesale buyers about purchasing local foods for grocery stores.

How to Sell Pastured Meat Products to Grocery Stores via Direct Store Delivery

By: Sarah Blacklin, Rebecca Dunning, Joanna Lelekacs Local Foods

This publication guides small- and medium-scale pastured meat producers in North Carolina through the steps of selling niche meat products to grocery stores.

Selling Fluid Milk to Grocery Stores Through Direct Store Delivery

By: Krista Morgan, John Day, Joanna Lelekacs Local Foods

This publication will help you start selling fluid milk directly to grocery stores. Approaching retailers, labeling, invoicing, vendor requirements and delivery are covered.

Special Claims and the Approval Process for Niche Meat Production

By: Sarah Blacklin, Joanna Lelekacs Local Foods

With increasing demand for product transparency, a growing number of producers, processing plant operators, and packinghouse operators are interested in adding claims to the labels of their meat and poultry products to further characterize or add value to those products. Label claims become increasingly important for producers and plant operators selling to secondary markets, such as retail grocers, rather than direct to consumer. This guide provides information to producers about special claims and the requirements and documentation needed to support those claims.

Tips for Produce Growers Marketing Fresh Produce to Retail Grocers: Understanding PLU and UPC Codes

By: Ariel Fugate, Patricia Tripp, Joanna Lelekacs Local Foods

PLU and UPC codes are two widely used tracking mechanisms that help retailers efficiently ring produce into the register in the checkout lane, track sales, control inventory, and market products. Being knowledgeable about these labels in advance of approaching a retailer shows a grower’s awareness of the retailer’s industry. This factsheet contains information adapted from the Produce Marketing Association (Produce Marketing Association 2013).