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Best Management Practices for Agricultural Nutrients

By: Ekrem Ozlu, Deanna Osmond, Daniel Line, Luke Gatiboni, Steph Kulesza SoilFacts

This factsheet for farmers describes ways to control the harmful effects of excess nutrients while maintaining healthy, productive farm crops. Steps covered include testing your soil and following the soil testing recommendations, setting realistic yield goals, choosing the most suitable nitrogen sources, applying nitrogen correctly, using manure as a nutrient source, controlling erosion, managing water flow and fencing animals away from water flow.

Maximizing Water Availability Through Soil Management

By: Ekrem Ozlu, Joshua L. Heitman SoilFacts

This publication discusses water capacity, soil's effect on water availability, and proper soil management to maximize water availability. Soil texture and structure, soil density, soil crusting, tillage and controlled traffic are covered.

Soil Health: What Does it Mean in North Carolina?

By: Ekrem Ozlu, Deanna Osmond, Josh Heitman SoilFacts

This publication compares the Haney and Cornell soil health tests on three long-term trials. It discusses the findings and recommendations for managing for soil health and crop yield.

Selecting a Strip-Till Rig 

By: Ekrem Ozlu, Luke Gatiboni, Josh Heitman SoilFacts

Selecting the right tool for a job is essential. When that tool is as important and expensive as a farm implement, the same holds true—you want to buy farm equipment that does what you want; is strong, durable, and reliable; and is generally the best value for your money.

Modifying Soil for Plant Growth around Your Home

By: Luke Gatiboni, Ekrem Ozlu, Christina Kranz, Josh Heitman SoilFacts

This publication addresses the two major soil problems found on residential properties and how to rectify them: lack of the three necessary nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium) and soil pH.

Chapter 9: Soil Management

By: Luke Gatiboni, Ekrem Ozlu

This chapter from the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide discusses the organic standards for soil management.