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Controlled Drainage – An Important Practice to Protect Water Quality That Can Enhance Crop Yields

By: Chad Poole, Mike Burchell, Mohamed Youssef

This publication discusses how to use controlled drainage as way to to reduce nutrient losses from agricultural land to surface waters and groundwater. It includes information on controlled drainage systems, structure location and management, and water quality and crop yield benefits.

Agricultural Subsurface Drainage Cost in North Carolina

By: Chad Poole, Mohamed Youssef, Wayne Skaggs

Subsurface drainage is beneficial to agricultural lands by improving crop yield and eliminating prolonged wet periods without taking land out of production. This publication provides an overview of the costs of installing subsurface drainage on agricultural lands in North Carolina.

Basic Information for Determining Drain Spacing on North Carolina Soils

By: Chad Poole, Mohamed Youssef, Wayne Skaggs

Knowing the soil profile of your agricultural land will help determine the spacing needed for installing subsurface drains. This publication provides essential information to producers, landowners, farm managers, and contractors for determining proper drain spacing based on soil types.

Reducing Drift and Odor With Wastewater Application

By: Steph Kulesza, Sanjay Shah, Mahmoud Sharara, Chad Poole SoilFacts

This publication addresses application techniques that affect drift and odor problems associated with wastewater application, so that managers and designers of land application systems can make wise decisions on how to apply wastewater with minimal impact on neighbors and the environment.