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Chapter 3: Crop Production Management - Corn

By: Ron Heiniger, Dominic Reisig, George Place, Major Goodman

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide covers key management practices for organic corn production: hybrid selection, planting date, crop rotation, soil fertility and plant reproduction, and propagation.

Adaptive Wheat Management: Increasing Wheat Yield by Adjusting for Weather Conditions

By: Ron Heiniger, Matthew Tilley, Joseph Oakes, Angela Post, Gail Wilkerson

Variable growing environments for wheat can lead to challenges from one season to another. Adaptive management is a system of adjusting management practices based on weather fluctuations. This publication provides information on how environmental extremes influence wheat growth and how to implement adaptive management practices for optimal wheat yield.

Chapter 2: Organic Crop Production Systems

By: David Suchoff, Ron Heiniger, Chris Reberg-Horton, Molly Hamilton

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide defines the key components of organic production systems: crop sequence, crop management, soil management, and pest management.

Potential for High Nitrate Levels in Drought-Stressed Corn Silage

By: Ron Heiniger, Jim Dunphy

This publication discusses elevated nitrate levels in drought-stressed corn silage, which can result in harm to humans and livestock.

Management Practices for Controlling Mycotoxins in Corn: A Three-Year Summary

By: Megan Molo, Ron Heiniger, Lea Boerema, Ignazio Carbone

This publication summarizes the findings of a three-year study that analyzed the effects of fungicides, bio controls, and Bt hybrids on reducing mycotoxins in corn. It reviews effectiveness, application rate, and yield for each control option.

Chapter 13: Marketing Organic Grain Crops and Budgets

By: Molly Hamilton, Ron Heiniger

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide offers information on marketing organic grains.