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Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus

By: Leighann Murray, Ella Reeves, Inga Meadows Plant Disease Factsheets

Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) is a viral disease of tomato that has limited distribution in the United States. TYLCV can cause devastating losses to tomato growers once established in the production site. This viral disease can also be found in temperate, tropical, and sub-tropical regions of the world. TYLCV is transmitted by adult whiteflies and is difficult to control once introduced to an area.

Homeowner’s Guide to Managing Diseases Using Fungicides, Bactericides, and Alternative Products

By: Ella Reeves, Inga Meadows

This publication provides homeowners with recommended chemical control options to use in combination with an integrated management plan for managing common diseases in the landscape or garden.

Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot in the Landscape

By: Michelle Henson, Suzette Sharpe, Ella Reeves, Inga Meadows

Many ornamental crop species (including trees, shrubs, and bedding plants) are susceptible to diseases caused by Phytophthora, a genus of plant-pathogenic oomycetes (also known as water molds) that can persist in soil for several years. This publication rates common bedding plants, shrubs, and trees on their resistance to Phytophthora.

Viral Diseases of Tomato in the Greenhouse

By: Ella Reeves, Michelle Henson, Inga Meadows Vegetable Disease Information

This factsheet describes the symptoms and management of various viruses that can affect greenhouse tomato production in North Carolina.

Gray Leaf Spot of Tomato

By: Ella Reeves, Inga Meadows Vegetable Pathology Factsheets

This publication describes gray leaf spot of tomato. Disease management options are provided for conventional and organic growers and for homeowners.

Downy Mildew on Brassica Crops

By: Ella Reeves, Suzette Sharpe, Inga Meadows Vegetable Pathology Factsheets

This factsheet covers the pathogen, host plants, symptoms, and management of downy mildew, a foliar disease that affects brassica crops.

Clubroot of Brassicas

By: Ella Reeves, Suzette Sharpe, Inga Meadows Vegetable Pathology Factsheets

The pathogen, host plants, symptoms and management of clubroot, a disease of crucifer crops, are discussed in this factsheet.

Prevention and Management of Soilborne Diseases of Ornamental Plants and Vegetables in the Greenhouse

By: Ella Reeves, Inga Meadows

This publication details strategies for to prevent and manage soilborne diseases in greenhouse crop production using soilless media. Tactics include sanitation measures, cultural practices, and the application of treatments to limit the development and spread of these diseases in the greenhouse.

Southern Bacterial Wilt on Herbaceous Ornamental Plants

By: Ella Reeves, Inga Meadows Plant Disease Factsheets

This factsheet describes Southern bacterial wilt, a widespread and destructive disease affecting multiple crops, and gives management options.

Biopesticides for Disease Management in Vegetable Crops

By: Inga Meadows, Ella Reeves

This publication provides information about what biopesticides are, how they control plant diseases, and how they are used to control diseases of vegetables.