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Identifying and Responding to Factors That Can Affect Egg Quality and Appearance

By: Ken Anderson, Darrin Karcher, Deanna Jones

This publication is a useful resource that shell egg producers can use to identify egg defects and possible factors contributing to egg quality issues. It also provides corrective measures for each defect so that producers can incorporate these solutions into their production systems.

Induced Molting of Commercial Layers

By: Ken Anderson

This publication discusses how to molt commercial layer flocks.

Explaining the North Carolina Egg Law for Producers With Small Flocks

By: Ken Anderson

This publication is targeted toward small producers who may be contemplating entering into egg sales at some level.

Keeping Garden Chickens in North Carolina

By: Anne Edwards, Donna Carver

A guide for urban residents who want to raise backyard chickens. Includes information about breed selection, feeding, housing, flock health, litter and pest management and coop construction.

Poultry Farm Biosecurity Field Manual / Manual de campo para la bioseguridad de granjas avícolas

By: Abel Gernat

This pocket-size bilingual field manual in English and Spanish summarizes recommended practices to prevent disease organisms from entering a poultry farm. Covered topics include limiting visitors, recommended sanitary practices, disinfectants and training for employees. The guide also includes a bilingual dictionary of words and phrases used often on poultry farms.

Induced Molting as a Management Tool

By: Ken Anderson

Because of increasing economic pressure related to capital costs, egg prices, feed prices, and replacement pullet costs, the commercial egg industry must maximize the use of its resources. The need to lower production costs have led many enterprises to use induced molting programs.