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Swine Manure as a Fertilizer Source

By: Steph Kulesza, Mahmoud Sharara SoilFacts

This factsheet explains the three factors of proper swine manure management: the nutrient content of the manure, the percentages of those nutrients that are available to the plant and the nutrient requirements of the plant.

Poultry Litter as a Fertilizer Source

By: Steph Kulesza, Mahmoud Sharara SoilFacts

This factsheet describes the nutrient composition of poultry manure and land application techniques based on matching the nutritional requirements of the crop with the nutrients available in manure. This publication also includes a worksheet to determine the nutrient needs of your crop.

Waste Analysis

By: Steph Kulesza, Kristin Hicks, Mahmoud Sharara SoilFacts

This factsheet clarifies the importance of waste analysis and describes the procedures for taking reliable samples and submitting them to the Agronomic Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA&CS).

Sludge Sampling in Anaerobic Treatment Swine Lagoons

By: Mahmoud Sharara, Maxwell Owusu-Twum

Anaerobic swine lagoon sludge sampling allows operators to determine the nutrient concentration in the sludge through laboratory analysis. This publication provides information about different options for sampling sludge in these lagoons.

Sludge Survey Methods for Anaerobic Lagoons

By: Mahmoud Sharara

This publication for lagoon managers and operators describes how to carry out a sludge survey and discusses sludge depth measurement, volume determination, and nutrient sampling. It draws upon and supplements the information in another publication on sludge management in anaerobic lagoons: Sludge Management and Closure Procedures for Anaerobic Lagoons (AG-604).

Reducing Drift and Odor With Wastewater Application

By: Steph Kulesza, Sanjay Shah, Mahmoud Sharara, Chad Poole SoilFacts

This publication addresses application techniques that affect drift and odor problems associated with wastewater application, so that managers and designers of land application systems can make wise decisions on how to apply wastewater with minimal impact on neighbors and the environment.