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Chapter 4: Crop Production Management - Wheat and Small Grains

By: Randy Weisz, Christina Cowger, Dominic Reisig, David Suchoff

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide covers key management practices for organic wheat and small grain production: crop rotation, tillage, variety selection, planting date, seeding rates and drill operation, soil fertility, and harvest.

Chapter 6: Crop Production Management - Flue-Cured Tobacco

By: Matthew Vann, Hannah Burrack, Lindsey Thiessen, David Suchoff

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide covers key management practices for organic flue-cured tobacco production.

Chapter 2: Organic Crop Production Systems

By: David Suchoff, Ron Heiniger, Chris Reberg-Horton, Molly Hamilton

This chapter of the North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide defines the key components of organic production systems: crop sequence, crop management, soil management, and pest management.

Hemp Leaf Tissue Nutrient Ranges: Refinement of Reference Standards for Floral Hemp

By: David Suchoff, Michelle McGinnis, Jeanine Davis, Brian Whipker, Kristin Hicks

As a newly legal crop, little information exists about optimum nutrient levels in hemp. This publication provides additional information on hemp leaf tissue nutrient ranges from a survey conducted between 2017 and 2020.

Establishing Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizer Rates for Floral Hemp Production

By: Maggie Short, Matthew Vann, David Suchoff, Michelle McGinnis, Keith Edmisten, Brian Whipker

This publication provides nitrogen and potassium fertilizer recommendations for optimum floral hemp yield and cannabidiol production while also understanding how nutrient rates affect THC production.

Size Matters: Accounting for Hemp Seed Size When Calibrating Your Grain Drill

By: David Suchoff, Shannon Henriquez Inoa

This article highlights the difference in grain and fiber hemp seed size and the importance of calculating seed rates.

Understanding the Relationship between THC and CBD in Hemp

By: David Suchoff, Jeanine Davis, Margaret Bloomquist, Maggie Short

This publication discusses recent research that clarifies the relationship between CBD and THC produced in floral hemp. This information can help producers adhere to USDA compliance thresholds.

Chapter 1: Introduction

By: David Suchoff, Chris Reberg-Horton, Molly Hamilton

The North Carolina Organic Commodities Production Guide provides farmers, Extension personnel and other agricultural educators with information about organic production, certification and marketing of crops. The introduction provides background context and additional resources on the topic.

Screening Sesame for Resistance to Multiple Root-Knot Nematode Species

By: David Suchoff, Adrienne Gorny, Marcela Chavez, Angela Post

This publication discusses the results of greenhouse trials that screened seven sesame varieties for resistance to North Carolina's most common root-knot nematode species. The results of this research will help determine if sesame may play a role in crop rotations for producers managing these pests.

Nitrogen Fertility Management in Organic Tobacco Greenhouse Production

By: David Suchoff, Matthew Vann, Steph Kulesza, Alex Woodley

This publication provides recommendations for managing essential nutrient concentrations when growing organic tobacco in greenhouses using a float system.

Optimizing Floral Hemp Biomass through Proper Transplant Timing and Density

By: David Suchoff, Eric Linder, Shannon Henriquez Inoa

This publication discusses the results of field trials conducted in 2020 and 2021 to determine the effects of transplant date and plant spacing on plant height and width for floral hemp. These results can help farmers make planting decisions to maximize biomass yields per acre.